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AxisVM Export IFC 2x, 2x2, 2x3 file


→  Minimum: Intel Pentium i5.
→  Recommended: Intel Core i7, AMD Opteron X16, or better.
→  The AxisVM Analytical Engine includes a multi-threaded solver that can take advantage of multi-core CPUs.

AxisVM Export IFC 2x, 2x2, 2x3 file


→  Minimum: 8 GB Windows 7 O/S.
→  Recommended: 8 GB for 32-bit O/S, 16 GB or more for 64-bit O/S.
→  The problem size that can be solved & the solution speed increases considerably with more RAM.
→  Windows 8/Windows 10 requires more RAM than XP for the operating system itself.

AxisVM Export IFC 2x, 2x2, 2x3 file


→  6 GB to install the program.
→  Recommended: 500GB or larger Hard Disk Drive (10000 rpm SATA, SSD).
→  Additional space required for running and storing model files and analysis results, dependent upon the size of the models.

AxisVM Export IFC 2x, 2x2, 2x3 file


→  Minimum: Supporting 1024 by 768 resolution and 16 bits colors for standard (GDI+) graphics mode.
→  Recommended: Discrete video card with NVIDIA GPU or equivalent and dedicated graphics RAM (512 Mb or larger)
        for DirectX graphics mode.
→  DirectX graphics mode fully utilizes the hardware acceleration provided by a GPU and dedicated graphics RAM.
→  For better graphics quality in terms of anti-aliasing and line thickness, the device raster drawing capabilities should
        support legacy depth bias.

AxisVM Export IFC 2x, 2x2, 2x3 file

Operációs rendszer

→  Microsoft® Windows 8, 10 64-bit versions.

→  With a 64 bit operating system, the AxisVM Analytical Engine can utilize more than 4 GB of RAM, making it possible
        to more efficiently solve larger problems

Concrete design and check
Steel design and check
Timber beam design

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